Expression and relaxation through dance is essential to my life. I have chosen to specialise in Margaret Morris Movement, but am generally drawn to various types of dance, e.g. contemporary, swing, salsa, rumba, oriental, tarantella.


Since April 2017 I am a certified Margaret Morris Movement teacher. Below are two facebook pages I am involved with, my Modern Movement dance classes in Maastricht and surroundings, and Les Impromptues surprise poetic dances project.

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During the COVID-19 crisis I am creating the DANCE AT HOME series to keep ourselves mobile! I am sharing exercises on breathing, balance, coordination, strength, and expression in movement to keep moving and -most importantly- to keep the spirits up in times of social isolation. Take good care of yourself and enjoy!

In June 2019 I gave a dance workshop, as part of the Well-being Movement of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University. It was a great experience to help improving students' well-being through movement.

Modern Movement 50+, a free workshop especially targeted for ages around 50 years took place on the 20th of September 2018. Here are pictures of my preparation and the colour combinations the participants chose to dance. It was an amazing experience of creative expression through movement, which I truly enjoyed.

On the 8th of September 2018 I gave a free workshop called Modern Movement to introduce Margaret Morris Movement to Maastricht. Here are some pictures from exercises focusing on balance, breathing, walking, muscle strength, awareness, relaxation, and creativity.

Free Workshop Modern Movement at Aruna Yoga Maastricht, introducing MMM in the Netherlands.


My best friend Lubka and I are LABUKA. Here we've put together various Margaret Morris Movement balances and enjoy ourselves with movement, sun and fresh air in Battersea Park, London, UK, in August 2017.

Who We are in MMM, an intro to Margaret Morris's work and also to our current activities in MMM.

Margaret Morris demonstrating the correct posture of the human body and the best way of walking. Also, breathing exercises in different positions.

A Yellow class at the MMMI Summer School 2018, performing Neck Rest and Upstretch in a formation inspired by a classic MMM dance from 1923. I'm second in line, and Lubka is right at the back.

A montage of the 2014 summer school in Chichester, UK.

Various shots of the Margaret Morris Dancers rehearsing in a garden for a keep fit display at the Royal Albert Hall. They are performing the exercise from level basic, "Swinging Relaxation".



"Everyone should live creatively. It is now recognised that the creative urge - other than sex - is manifest in varying degrees, not only in musicians, writers and painters, but in all human beings. Adults as well as children are encouraged to paint and to dance freely, to express themselves and put forward any ideas that occur to them. But creation should go further and mean more in our lives than purely aesthetic expression, important though it is. Creation in the widest sense must surely be adding to what already exists. If you contribute something to others and to yourself you are living creatively."

Margaret Morris,

from Creation in Dance and Life

Read about Margaret Morris's life and about Margaret Morris Movement. The various levels and options within Margaret Morris Movement are depicted in the following scheme.

More infrormation on Margaret Morris Movement events and classes around the world on the following websites.

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